We Couldn't Speak the Same Language

No one thought we would be where we are now.

Our relationship started with two people who couldn't speak the same language. Literally. Ilia spoke Spanish and I spoke English. Talk about communication difficulties...we had to use Google Translate exclusively for the first 6 months of our relationship. Now, if anyone has ever used a translator for more than a few words you realize that things don't quite "translate" the way you think they do. 

There is an 11 year age difference. Yes, 11 years. 

Marriage wasn't in this man's vocabulary and having more children wasn't in mine (I had 4 already.)

Culture. By far, this was the most challenging aspect for us to work through. Ilia is from Cuba, and I was born in Upstate, New York. Men can get a bad rap for being difficult and stuck in their ways, but this girl can hang with any man in the difficult department. I've been called stubborn and difficult more times than I can count. 

We stayed the course, and 5 years later married, and have a beautiful, healthy baby girl to add to our family. 

Love, faith, patience, understanding and communication 😉 got us there. 

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